Hawk Ridge Systems Subscription Services

This article describes the various services that Hawk Ridge Systems provides for subscription-based users. This includes the various products, support services, and training sessions available for subscription customers.

A full list of what comes with a Hawk Ridge Subscription can also be found on the
SOLIDWORKS Subscription page.


  • For SOLIDWORKS CAD Standard:
    • SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard
      Note: Part mode only (no indexing) for 2.5 Axis Premium Milling
  • For SOLIDWORKS CAD Professional/Premium:
    • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard
    • SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard CAD Editor

New Releases

  • 5 SOLIDWORKS Service Packs per year via download.
    • Release of these service packs are typically separated by ~3 months.
  • Yearly software upgrades to the newest version.



  • Hawk Ridge Systems Night School Training Sessions.
  • Free SOLIDWORKS Exam Certification Vouchers for CSWA or CSWP.
  • My.Solidworks.com standard access for Tutorials.
  • Elite Training Credits:
    • Available for Elite Subscription package.
    • Receive one (1) training credit that must be redeemed within one (1) year of purchase (3-year expiration for 3-year renewals).
  • Ask-An-Expert Session
    • Available for Elite Subscription package or purchased individually per session.
    • 2-hour long sessions with elite (4 hours with purchase through Services) regarding one topic.
    • Sessions must be used within a single session.
    • Can be scheduled via this form > Ask An Expert Session

Hawk Ridge Systems Exclusives

  • Exclusive HawkWare Standard Productivity Tools for SOLIDWORKS.
  • Hawk Ridge Systems Knowledge Base, Tutorials, and Videos.
  • Access to SolidProfessor with the purchase of an Essential or Elite subscription

For further technical support, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at 877.266.4469 for the U.S. or 866.587.6803 for Canada and support@hawkridgesys.com.

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