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How to Contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support by Phone Call

We've recently upgraded our phone system to enhance communication and provide better service. As part of this transition, some changes have been made to our phone queues. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of calling into our Hawk Ridge Systems support team using our new phone queues. 

How to Call Technical Support by Phone

Use the instructions below to call into technical support by phone. 

  1. Dial the following numbers for US or Canada: 
      • US: 877-266-4469
      • Canada: 866-587-6803
  2. Select 1 for technical support, but below is a full list of options:
      • 0: Sales or Front Desk
      • 1: Technical Support
      • 2: Accounting
      • 3: Company Directory
  3. Select the option that best matches your products. Below is a full list of options for products: 
      • 1: Mechanical Design, including SOLIDWORKS, DraftSight, and DriveWorks
      • 2: Data Management, including PDM, Manage, and Cloud Storage
      • 3: Manufacturing, including CAMWorks, SOLIDWORKS CAM, and Predator
      • 4: Analysis, including Simulation, Flow, Plastics, and SIMULIA
      • 5: Technical Communication, including Visualize, Composer, and Inspection
      • 6: Electrical Design, including Electrical, Routing, and Enterprise Harnessing
      • 7: 3D Printing, including Markforged 
  4. If you are calling in regard to an existing case, enter the six-digit ticket ID and press #. Otherwise, remain on the phone line to be routed to an available agent. 
    Note: The six-digit ticket ID can be found in the subject line of the email sent by Hawk Ridge Support (

For further technical support, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at 877.266.4469 for the U.S. or 866.587.6803 for Canada and

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