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How to Contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support by Submitting a Ticket

Using the web form to submit a ticket to Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support is useful when you have large files necessary for your case. These files may be zipped files created from a pack and go, an RX capture, or other files compiled to show the behavior. This guide describes how to create a ticket from the form and what you should include. If you are encountering an urgent technical issue, we recommend calling support to get the fastest resolution. Check out our guide How to Contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support by Phone Call to learn about our upgraded phone system. 

The HRS Technical Support Create a Ticket page

How to Contact Technical Support By Submitting a Ticket

  1. Go to Submit a request – Hawk Ridge Systems Support
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Use a short descriptive subject for the issue:
    • Instead of "SOLIDWORKS Help" a descriptive subject would be "SOLIDWORKS Crashes When Adding Centermark to Specific Drawing"
    • If you are contacting us about an existing ticket, include the ticket number in the subject line
  4. In the email body, please include:
    • Your name
    • Your company
    • Which program you are using (SOLIDWORKS, Visualize, PDM, etc.)
    • Version and service pack
    • Detailed explanation of the problem
    • Steps taken to create the problem
    • What have you tried so far to resolve the problem
  5. Attach relevant images, logs, and sample files
  6. Click Submit. You will receive an automated confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation, check your spam filter. 

For further technical support, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at 877.266.4469 for the U.S. or 866.587.6803 for Canada and

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