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What is an "Ask an Expert" Session?

Have you ever sought detailed guidance on a particular tool or workflow for your software? Perhaps you're looking to discuss and obtain advice on setting up your simulation study or rendering in Visualize effectively.

"Ask an Expert" sessions are a great way to take advantage of our team of experts by scheduling a consultative session. This is a great opportunity to tackle a topic that’s outside the scope of technical support, and a great opportunity to get going on a project to enhance your usage of SOLIDWORKS tools. Whether you’re looking to get into automation, take advantage of tools like design checker, costing, or just want to understand best practices for a certain sector, these sessions are a valuable one-on-one engagement with an experienced SOLIDWORKS engineer. 

  • A company is entitled to one 2-hour "Ask an Expert" session annually covering a specific topic for each SOLIDWORKS seat with an Elite subscription

  • Sessions require scheduling in advance and are typically available with a lead time of five business days.
  • For an optimal experience, a summary of key topics, along with examples, should be provided in advance.
  • “Ask an Expert” sessions cannot be combined into a larger consulting project, nor can they be broken up into multiple shorter sessions. They also cannot be transferred between companies, are not redeemable for other offerings, and will end concurrently with the main subscription.
  • Hawk Ridge Systems reserves the right to limit the scope of the “Ask an Expert” session when the topic presented exceeds the available time allowance.
  • Sessions are delivered online only - we’ll provide a video/screen-sharing app link.
  • Recordings of the session are available for future reference if requested.

You can schedule an "Ask an Expert" session by following the link below:

Ask An Expert Session - Hawk Ridge Systems

For further technical support, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at 877.266.4469 for the U.S. or 866.587.6803 for Canada and

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