DraftSight Deployment Wizard

This article describes how to create and launch an admin image using the DraftSight Deployment Wizard.

Set Up the DraftSight Deployment Wizard

The DraftSight Deployment Wizard is a tool available for the network Enterprise DraftSight that allows a user to create an executable file or an administrative image to install software on multiple systems. Using the DraftSight Deployment Wizard, the DraftSight installation can be deployed to clients with ease.  With enough installations, installing using this method can be a huge time-saving process. 

  1. Download the appropriate version of DraftSight to a network location.
  2. Open the DraftSightDeploymentWizard application.
  3. Unzip the DraftSight Deployment Wizard to a folder. The default unzip location is C:\swdist\DraftSightDeploymentWizard, but feel free to place the unzipped files in any folder.
  4. Open the draftsightdeploywizard application. 
  5. Select Next in the Welcome tab.

  6. In the Deployment Options, add the DraftSight Installer Location by selecting Browse. The DraftSight Installer Location is the location of the previously downloaded DraftSight installer executable (DraftSight.exe). This executable will be part of the administrative image used to deploy DraftSight to client machines.

  7. Add the Network Share Location by selecting Browse. The deployment package will be created in this location. The location must be accessible to client machines.

  8. Select Next to go to the Server Setup tab.

  9. In the Setup Tab select SolidNetwork License (SNL) or Dassault Systems License Server (DSLS) to define the type of license server, add the server name, and select Next.

  10. Make sure all locations are correct and select Finish.

Deploy DraftSight to Client Machines

After the administrative image is created from the DraftSight Deployment Wizard, Draftsight can be administered to clients by using step one or step two.

  1. Send users the Network Share Location and instruct the users to double-click on the deploydraftsight.exe file to deploy the installation.
  2. Send users a link or shortcut to the deploydraftsight.exe in the Network Share Location and double-click on the shortcut to deploy the installation.
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