DraftSight Creating Print Configuration For All Users

In this article we will explain how to create Print Configurations for Monochrome that can be shared

  1. Open the print configuration window. Change the Print configuration options to “Manual setup”, change all print settings as desired for your print configuration, and click “Save Configuration”. Repeat for all print configurations being created.


  2. If you are creating a monochrome print configuration you must first change the System Option as shown below. Note that all users will need to change this setting. It is not controlled by the profile discussed later.


  3. If you do not see monochrome.ctb in the “Default PrintStyle:” field be sure the “Print style file location” is set correctly. It should be in a similar location to that shown below.


  4. Now in the Print Configuration window click on “Additional Options”. Set the “PrintStyle table” to monochrome.ctb and click OK.


  5. Once you’ve created all desired print configurations find the print settings file. The location should be shown in the option shown below. Save that file to a location that all users can access. Then change the option shown below to point to that location.


  6. Now in the Profiles section of the Options window click Add to create a new profile. Click Export to export this profile to a location all users can access. Users will then Import and Activate this profile on their system using the respective buttons shown below. They should be sure to click Apply then OK once they’ve activated the profile.


  7. They should still change the Default Print Style as shown in step 2 above.

  8. They will now see the print configurations you created.


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