DraftSight Installation Error 1320

This article explains how to correct the problem with "Error 1320: The specified path is too long" when installing DraftSight.


When installing DraftSight you might encounter the "Error 1320. The specified path is too long", which would make you think the installation file location needs to be shortened. However, that suggestion is not the case as doing this does not correct the issue. The issue is caused by Windows Explorer hiding files and folders.




Once you follow these steps the install should work fine.

1. Go to "This PC" in Windows Explorer
2. Choose the "View" tab present on the top

3. Check "Hidden Files" and the click on "options" at the right corner

4. Click "Change folders and search options" from the Options drop down.

5. Click "view" on the pop-up appeared and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" -> Click OK

6. Go to "C:ProgramData" and locate the "Application Data" shortcut

7. Rename the "Application Data" shortcut to "Application Data_old"

8. Install the DraftSight

9. After installation, rename that folder again to "Application Data"

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