DraftSight Crashing Due to SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-In Opening on Startup

DraftSight 2017 will crash, if the SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-In is set to open on startup. This article provides steps to disable the SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-In upon startup in DraftSight to resolve the issue.


The following error message is seen when DraftSight is opened up. 


Then the software automatically closes/crashes. 


To resolve this issue, in DraftSight disable the SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-in on startup. 

1) Go to C:\ProgramData\Dassault Systemes\DraftSight\addinConfigs

2) Edit the file 'DraftSightSWPDMConnector.xml' with NotePad

3)Set the startup='1' to startup='0'

4) Launch DraftSight 2017 SP0

5) If the user wants to use the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in with DraftSight, then go to Classic Workspace mode > Tools > Add-Ins

6) Check on the 'Active' box for SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-In. (PLEASE MAKE SURE TO NOT put a check in the 'Start Up' box, as this will cause the crash when launching.)

The above steps should no longer cause the issue, as long as the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in for Startup in DraftSight is disabled. 

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