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SOLIDWORKS 2024 Activation Transaction Failed

After installing SOLIDWORKS 2024, you may get an error during activation "Activation Transaction Failed, Activation Count Exceeded," or "The current computer identifier (0) does not match the previously used computer identifier (1)..." 



SOLIDWORKS uses Flexnet to generate a unique computer identifier which is used when activating your SOLIDWORKS. Due to a change in Flexnet licensing, installing SOLIDWORKS 2024 may cause a change in computer identifier. The different computer identifier is then treated as a different computer in the server, causing the activation to fail even if a previous version of SOLIDWORKS is installed and active on this machine. 


Due to this change, Hawk Ridge Systems recommends deactivating SOLIDWORKS before installing SOLIDWORKS 2024. To deactivate your license, you can refer to our guide Transferring/Deactivating a SOLIDWORKS Standalone License Between Computers – Hawk Ridge Systems Support


If you have installed SOLIDWORKS 2024 without deactivating your previous installation of SOLIDWORKS,  please call your reseller for support. 

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For further technical support please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at 877.266.4469 for the U.S. or 866.587.6803 for Canada.

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