Creating Custom Bill of Material Template

Creating Custom Bill of Materials Template

This article describes the process to create a custom Bill of Materials template in a drawing.

A custom Bill of Materials template can be made by first opening up a SOLIDWORKS drawing file and then going to Insert > Tables> Bill of Materials. Then select the corresponding drawing view. Below is a picture of the PropertyManager for the Bill of Materials.

Click the green check mark after selecting the correct settings for the BOM and then click in the graphics area to place the table. Right-click a row or column and go to Insert to add an additional row or column.

Double-click the top of a BOM column, just above the column heading, in order to set the column type. A dialog box appears above the column with the column type and property name lists. The image below illustrates a modified BOM table.

Right-click on the BOM and select Save As in order to save the modified table as a BOM template. The file type for a BOM template is .sldbomtbt. The file can be saved to the default location of C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS\lang\english, or a new location which can be added to the BOM template file location.

To add a file location to the BOM template file location, go to Options >System Options> File Locations and select BOM Templates from the drop-down. Add the desired location for the BOM template. The Image below shows the file location tab in the System Option menu.



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