How to edit components after importing with 3D Interconnect enabled?

When opening components from neutral CAD file formats such as iges, parasolid, or step into SolidWorks with 3Dinterconnect on, SOLIDWORKS is just opening the files and not fully converting them to SOLIDWORKS files. This is indicated by a green arrow over the part/assembly icons in the FeatureManager design tree.


When components are opened with 3DInterconnect on, this causes them to not be fully editable. If we break the link then we are able to fully edit the component and run it through FeatureWorks. FeatureWorks as shown in the following video, allows SOLIDWORKS to convert imported bodies into SolidWorks features.

SOLIDWORKS - Editing Imported Models with FeatureWorks - YouTube


  1. Right-click the topmost sub-assembly or desired part in the FeatureManager design tree and select "Break Link" (older versions: dissolve this feature) which will break the link to the neutral cad file
  2. Click save to save assemblies/parts with names & file locations as desired

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