Guide to License Counts in the SolidNetwork License Manager

This article will explain how the SolidNetwork License (SNL) Manager reports the number of available licenses in both the license usage tab and the license borrowing tab.

The SNL Manager reports the number of free/available Solidworks Standard licenses differently depending on which tab you are viewing. This is a common source of confusion for new users and network administrators. This article should explain any discrepancies or seemingly incorrect license counts in the SNL Manager.



Seat Counts in the License Usage Tab

For every seat of Solidworks above Standard (i.e Professional/Premium) that you own, you will see an extra Standard license available in your license usage tab. This is because the SNL uses a standard license as the base for every advanced license type. When you launch Solidworks, it reserves a standard license first, and then adds any required professional/premium licenses on top. You cannot use a professional or premium license without also using a seat of standard at the same time.

For example, if you own three seats of Solidworks Standard, two seats of professional, and one seat of premium, you will see six available Solidworks Standard licenses in the License Usage tab. Three for the three standard licenses you own, two for the Professional, and one for the premium.



Seat Counts in the License Borrowing Tab

The license borrowing tab only displays the licenses that are available to be borrowed. It will not display the extra standard licenses for every professional/premium license the way the license usage tab does.

Using the same scenario as above, if you own three seats of Solidworks Standard, two seats of professional, and one seat of premium, you will see three Solidworks standard licenses available in the license borrowing tab. If all three standard licenses are in use or checked out, you will see zero standard licenses available.




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