New Solidworks 2022 Assembly Triad


New in Solidworks 2022, a control triad appears automatically when you select one or more components in the feature tree. This makes it easier to make controlled component movements in an assembly. You can drag the component by the handles to move it linearly or rotate it using the ring. Copying a component is also easier with the triad. When the triad is available, hold Ctrl and drag one of the handles to copy the selected components along the handle direction.



This functionality is part of Instant3D and can be enabled and disabled by clicking the Instant3D button in the Assembly toolbar. Instant 3D allows you to quickly and efficiently make changes to features, sketches, mates and more without ever leaving the graphics area.

For more information on other functionality included with Instant3D see this Solidworks help article: Overview of Instant3D Functionality - 2022 - SOLIDWORKS Help


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