The Source Folder is not Versioned Properly

The following error can occur during installation or when modifying SOLIDWORKS:

"The source folder is not versioned properly: C:\...
If you copied this folder manually, you may have forgotten to copy the or files which identify the version of a download or
DVD folder, respectively; or the file could not be written."

The source folder is not versioned properly error message example


This message means that one of the following statements is true.

  1. The installation manager is pointed to an incorrect source folder. (Change Source Folder Location)
  2. The file is missing from the correct source folder. (Adding the "" File)

In the following solution, we will review how to resolve either case. First, we need to check if the correct source folder exists.

Checking for the Correct Source Folder

  1. Check the "Documents\SOLIDWORKS Downloads" folder for files that may contain download media. The folder will have the format "SOLIDWORKS 20XX SP0X.X". Make sure to select the folder that corresponds with the version that is being installed or modified. If you store your SOLIDWORKS source folders in a separate location, please check there.
  2. Review the folder's contents and ensure that it (at minimum) has the folders and files listed below (sldim, setup.exe, and It is okay if there are more folders than listed.
    Representation of basic source folder contents
  3. If there are no source folders available, the folders are incomplete, or the file location listed under the error message contains all files but "", please continue to the solution Adding the "" File. If not, please continue to Change Source Folder Location.

    If no download folder is present, download new installation files following the instructions in this article: How To Download and Update SOLIDWORKS 2024 Products, and then follow the instructions to Change the Source Folder Location.

Change Source Folder Location

  1. From the installation manager's summary page, select "Change" under "Products to Add".
    Changing Products to Add
  2. Select a random language file or other product. This will not be installed when running your modification, nor will this change the language of the installation manager. If you are running an installation, this process will not be necessary (steps 2 and 5).
    Selecting a language file under selected products
  3. Navigate back to the summary page and select "Change" next to "Download Options".
    Navigating to download options page
  4. Select "Browse..." next to "Where do you want to download the required files?" and navigate to the correct download folder. Make sure "Download and Install" is selected if available.
    Locating browse button on download options page
  5. Remove the additional product selected by selecting "Change" next to "Products to Add" and uncheck it from the "Product Selection" page.
    Removing the additional product from product selection page
  6. Navigate back to the Summary page, accept the terms of the SOLIDWORKS license agreement, and select "Install" or "Modify" now.
    Finish modification or install process
  7. If this does not resolve the problem, please continue to Adding the "" File.

Adding the "" File

  1. Create a .txt file in the folder location shown in the error message (in this case, the C:\ drive)
  2. Edit the file to contain the installed version and service pack using the format: SOLIDWORKS 20XX SP0X (e.g. SOLIDWORKS 2021 SP04.1)mceclip1.png
  3. Save the file and rename it to "" (Note: the file extension must be changed from .txt to .id (View > check 'File Name Extensions')) text contents
  4. Restart the installation manager and proceed with the installation.

For further assistance, please contact our support team at, or 877-266-4469 (US) or 866-587-6803 (Canada).

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