Set up SOLIDWORKS to use your High Performance Graphics Card

This article will help you get your machine to use your high-powered Nvidia graphics card instead of the power-saving intel on-chip graphics for SOLIDWORKS.

  1. In the new Windows 10 updated version, you can search from the Windows start button and type Graphics to bring up the Graphics Settings app. Open the app like this:

    Finding graphics settings through start menu

  2. Browse to SLDWORKS.exe like this: C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS\ then SLDWRKS, it may show the .exe, it may not. That depends on a Windows setting, either way, select it.

    Browsing to the SOLIDWORKS executable

  3. Click on the options for SOLIDWORKS, and select High performance:

    Graphics settings window with SOLIDWORKS added

  4. Save this setting.

    High performance options

When you reboot, your system should always choose the Nvidia card for SOLIDWORKS! For more information, please see this companion article: Computers with two graphics cards

For further assistance, please contact our Hawk Ridge Systems Support team at 877-266-4469(US) or 866-587-6803(Canada) and

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