Anti-Virus Recommendations for SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS products are developed to work with all anti-virus applications, but it is not feasible for their development team to validate all the different anti-virus and security softwares. In general, these exceptions are not required. However, in cases where installation errors or performance issues are caused by the anti-virus system, these are the specific processes and folders that should be excluded by the anti-virus.

For additional information and the latest recommendations from SOLIDWORKS, review updated notes on their system requirements page here:

General Recommendations

  • Use a trusted antivirus product.
  • Keep your antivirus product updated to the latest version.
  • Stay updated with the latest antivirus definition/signature file (This defines the known current vulnerabilities and exemptions).
  • To ensure optimum performance, it is not recommended to install antivirus software on the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault server.
  • Consider creating exemptions for SOLIDWORKS file types and folder locations to improve SOLIDWORKS file based runtime performance such as File Open/Save/Save As and PDM Vault Checkin/Checkout.
  • If you encounter install, runtime errors, or warnings from your antivirus product, first check the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base for known issues, then contact your SOLIDWORKS reseller.


  • Sldworks.exe
  • sldworks_fs.exe
  • swShellFileLauncher.exe
  • Swboengine.exe (Task scheduler background process)
  • SolidWorksLicTemp.0001
  • SolidWorksLicTemp.0002
  • SolidWorksLicTemp.0003 - depends on the number of instances of SolidWorks running
  • Swbgproc.exe (process which silently updates HLR drawing views to HQ from draft)

PDM Exclusions

The main SOLIDWORKS PDM services (processes) on the server side are:

  • ArchiveServerService.exe
  • ConisioDbServer.exe
  • ConisioWebServer.exe

The PDM client processes are:

  • ViewServer.exe
  • EdmServer.exe
  • ConisioAdmin.exe
  • FileViewer.exe
  • Search.exe
  • Report.exe
  • Inbox.exe


  • There maybe other processes that run based on specific add-ins being used on the client machine. It is recommended to work with your IT to identify any that maybe monitored and blocked to add additional exclusions.
  • Information gathered from SOLIDWORKS Knowledge base articles: S-052103, S-017774, S-015681, S-050192.


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