Drawing Hole Callout Does Not Work for Helicoil® and PEM® Hole Wizard features

This article discusses the issue where a hole callout format will not work for Helicoil® and PEM® Hole Wizard features. 


The hole callout for Helicoil® and PEM® Hole Wizard features will not show the correct format. Instead, the hole callout format will just show that the Helicoil® and PEM® hole includes a diameter thru hole. An image of the issue is shown below. 




This issue occurs when the windows settings for language is set to a language that cannot output the ® symbol. Thus, the calloutformat.txt file will output every ® symbol as a (?), which prevents SOLIDWORKS from finding the Helicoil® and PEM® hole's format information from the calloutformat.txt. The workaround is to set the Windows Locale setting from a language such as Chinese to English (United States).  To resolve the issue:

  1. Click Start> Control Panel>Clock and Region>Click Region
  2. Click the Administrative tab. 
  3. Under the Language for non-Unicode programs section, click Change system locale and select English (United States).
  4. Click OK.

This issue is currently reported under Software Performance Report (SPR) #1138772 "Drawing Hole Callout does not work with Helicoil® and PEM® Hole Wizard features with Windows Locale set to 'China'".

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