Windows Installer Error 1311 Source File Not Found

Windows Installer Error 1311 indicates that the Microsoft Windows Installer is having difficulties reading and using one or more installation file. 


The most common reasons this will happen:

  • Missing or damaged installation files
  • Incorrect permissions to access the files
  • Anti-virus blocking the files or the file’s dependencies


Use the following steps to troubleshoot this issue

  1. Confirm you have full installation media in a useable location
    - Confirm DVD is not damaged or dirty – consider copying full DVD directory to a location on your PC
    - Get a full media download from a Hawk Ridge Support agent or
    - Downloaded or copied installation media should be saved locally
    - Downloaded or copied installation media should not be in a location that syncs to any cloud service
    - If unable to save locally and you have the media on a network drive, confirm the use of a UNC path rather than drive letter Windows File Paths
  2. Disable Anti-virus
  3. Log in with an Administrative Windows Account
  4. Choose to run the installation wizard as admin (right click > Run as Admin)


If you still have issues please contact support directly:


Login and submit a request online:

Call: United States: 877.266.4469 or Canada: 866.587.6803



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