Save or Restore SOLIDWORKS Settings

This guide provides steps for exporting or importing a SOLIDWORKS Settings File through the Copy Settings Wizard. The Settings File created allows for a User to save a backup or to share their System Options, Toolbar layout, Keyboard shortcuts, Mouse gestures, Menu customization, or Saved Views. 


1. Type Copy Settings Wizard into your Windows Search menu to open the desired version of SOLIDWORKS Copy Settings Wizard dialog.


2. Select Save Settings to export a settings file or select Restore Settings to import a previously saved Settings File.



3. Skip this step, if you selected to Restore Settings.

Select Browse, if you wish to change the location of the Settings File. The default selections under Save these settings: are generally recommended. (Optionally, you can select or deselect different setting options. For more information on these settings, select the following link Explanation of SOLIDWORKS Settings in the Copy Settings Wizard)

When done, select Finish.


4. Skip this step, if you selected to Save Settings.

Select Browse, to select the Settings File which should have the file extension .sldreg

(It is possible to select only certain settings under Restore these settings. These selected settings are further discussed on this link Explanation of SOLIDWORKS Settings in the Copy Settings Wizard  though it is typical to leave all selected.)


5. Select OK to finish and confirm



If you have any questions regarding the information above or are unable to troubleshoot this issue, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support at 1-877-266-4469  (US), 1-866-587-6803  (CAN), or


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