Save, Restore, or Reset SOLIDWORKS Settings

This guide provides steps for exporting or importing a SOLIDWORKS Settings File through the Copy Settings Wizard (2022 and older)/SOLIDWORKS Settings Wizard (2023 and newer). The Settings File created allows for a User to save a backup or to share their System Options, Toolbar layout, Keyboard shortcuts, Mouse gestures, Menu customization, and/or Saved Views between machines with the same SOLIDWORKS version.

Accessing the Settings Wizard

You can access the Settings Wizard through the Windows application list:

windows icon, app list, SOLIDWORKS tools 2024 folder to find settings wizard.png

  1. Click on the Windows icon on your taskbar.
  2. Scroll through the application list until you reach SOLIDWORKS Tools 20xx. Expand the folder.
  3. Select Copy Settings Wizard 20XX (for 2022 and older) or SOLIDWORKS Settings Wizard 20XX (for 2023 and newer).

You can also use the Windows search bar to find the application by typing "Copy Settings Wizard 20XX" (for 2022 and older) or "SOLIDWORKS Settings Wizard 20XX" (for 2023 and newer).

Settings Wizard Options

In SOLIDWORKS 2022 and older, there are two options available, while in SOLIDWORKS 2023 and newer, there are three options available. In SOLIDWORKS 2022 and older, the available options are Save Settings and Restore Settings (image below). 

There are three options available starting in SOLIDWORKS 2023: Save Settings, Restore Settings, and Reset Settings (image below). 

2023 and 2024 SOLIDWORKS Settings Wizard options.png

The steps below show how to 

  1. Select one of the following:
    • Save Settings 
    • Restore Settings
    • Reset Settings
  2. Select Next to proceed.

3.1. Save Settings

      1. When selecting the Save Settings option, you can choose which settings you want to include:the solidworks settings that can be chosen.png
      2. Click "Finish" to store the setting at the location specified.

3.2. Restore Settings

      1. Similar interface to Save Settings. Use Browse to find the file and choose which settings you want to restore.restore settings options.png
      2. The next page allows you to control the scope of which machines the settings will be applied. "Current user[username]" for individual users on the machine; "One or more network computers" for multiple machines; "One or more roaming user profiles" for roaming user profiles.
        In this example I will be showcasing the current user option. Click "Next >" Select the Destination page.png
      3. Check on Create backup of current settings for [user name]. The backup will be stored as a .sldreg file in the folder chosen earlier to make a backup settings file with your current setting.Finish Operation page - backup option of current settings highlighted.png
      4. Click Finish to apply the settings file.

3.3. Reset Settings

      1. There are two options. Select Reset Only to reset without making a backup. Select Save and Reset Settings to create a backup of your settings before setting SOLIDWORKS to default settings. reset settings page, tow options, reset only or reset and save current settings.png
      2. After you click Next, the settings will be reset and confirmed with this page.Reset Settings finished page.png
      3. Click Finish to apply the settings file.

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