Assembly insert has mis-match color compared to part

Matthew Fisher

When inserting a part into an assembly you may find that one version of the part will appear lighter or darker than the other. 


This is commonly caused by the lighting effects being different between the part or assembly, causing one file to appear brighter or darker than normal. This article goes over the steps to find which light is incorrect and adjust them so the part and assembly match.


  1. Within both the part and assembly go into the Appearance tab of the feature manager -> then into the Lights folder.

  2. Right click and suppress one directional light at a time until both the assembly and part file match. Sppress_one.png

  3. Once you find the directional light that is the cause of the mis-match in lighting right click the feature and choose to edit the directional light.

  4. After modifying the light so the values in the assembly and part are similar click the green check-mark to save the change. After exiting the edit tool both the part and assembly should look similar. 2019-03-11_1057.png

If you find that none of the directional lights are the cause of the color mis-match, or you cannot edit them so the assembly and part appear correct, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at 877.266.4469 for the U.S. or 866.587.6803 for Canada for further troubleshooting and help.

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