Re-aligning model positions after updating default views

This article is a guide on how to re-align the model positions after the default view has been updated. At times a part file (via an import or manually during the modeling process) can have the default views misaligned.



This will result in different views to not appear correct with the coordinate system or drawing itself. Since the views have been changed, re-positioning the part file will not correct the coordinate system, you will need to reset the views to a new default position.

There are two ways to correct this issue, a quick fix using the reset views option or creating a relative view to "update" the views to the default position.

Quick fix - Resetting standard views 

  1. Within the SOLIDWORKS model, click the spacebar to show the orientation window.
  2. Click on the "Reset Standard Views" button in the pop-up window.
  3. Confirm the changes and click on a front view to see the new alignments for the views.



This is the quick fix to this issue and should be attempted first. There are chances, however, that the new default views will not be what is expected, and you wish to change what is defined as the front view. Please try the 2nd method if you want to manually assign what the front, right, or back view of the model is.

Manually fix - re-aligning using relative views

  1. Open a blank drawing file (this is just used temporarily to fix the views).
  2.  Insert any view from the assembly into the drawing.Front_View.png

  3.  In the Insert menu, go into Drawing Views -> Relative To Model.

  4. After the model opens, select a face that points to where you want the front and right view to be (you can adjust this, so it isn't just the front and right).Selecting_faces.png

  5. This will create a new "dummy" view of the model in the drawing if it appears aligned, you can place this anywhere in the drawing.
  6. After placing the relative view right-click it and choose to open the assembly in this orientation.

  7. Selecting the View Orientation button -> More options we can now update the relative view to be whatever view you want (in this case, I selected it as the front).  updating_views.png

The model's views will now be aligned based on your selection of the view, and the remaining views in the model will adjust as well. Back in the drawing, you can now insert the default views, and they will be similar to the default views in the model.


If you wish to re-align the model itself, please refer to our other article on re-positing a model based on the coordinate system.

If you find that the views still do not appear as intended, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at 877.266.4469 for the U.S. or 866.587.6803 for Canada for further troubleshooting and help.

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