How to Reposition a Part Relative to the Coordinate System

An imported Body can sometimes be inserted in the wrong orientation, and would need to be repositioned. This article shows how to reorient the part relative to the coordinate system.



Method1: Using Move/Copy Body


1. Go to Insert > Features > Move/Copy… This feature allows you to Translate, Rotate or add constraints. 

2. Under Bodies to Move, select the Body

3. Under Mate Settings, add coincident mates between faces of the body and the reference planes. Two should be sufficient.

4. Flip the Mate alignments, if necessary.

5. Hit OK.



A Body-Move/Copy feature is created in the tree. Edit the feature to make changes as necessary.



 Method 2: Inserting a Coordinate System Relative to the Part 


1. Go to Insert > Reference Geometry > Coordinate System.

2. Use edges on the part to locate the new coordinate system.



3. Go to File > Save As.

4. Under Save as type, select Parasolid(*.x_t) and click Options.

5. Change the Output Coordinate System from --default-- to Coordinate System1 and hit OK.



6. Save the file.

The new file will have the modified orientation when imported.















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