Add SOLIDWORKS Year Column to Folders and Sub-Folders in Windows Explorer

This guide is for how to add the 'SW Last Saved With' column to all of your folders and subfolders in Windows 10.


1. Adding 'SW Last saved with'


To add this column to a document folder, right click on a column header > More. In the Choose Details box, scroll down to 'SW Last saved with', check it on and click OK. This will add the column 'SW Last saved with' to this folder.




2. Adding 'SW Last saved with' to all folders


Open the parent folder of the one containing the 'SW Last saved with' column and right click on the folder you just modified, click Properties.



In the Customize tab, have it show Optimize this folder for: 'General Items' and check on Also apply this template to all subfolders and hit OK.




Click back into the original modified subfolder and click View > Options.


In the View tab of the Folder Options, click Apply to Folders.



In the prompt asking if you would like to have all folders match this folder's view settings, click Yes.




You should now see all folders with SOLIDWORKS files automatically include the 'SW Last saved with' column as default.


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