How to Use the Design Checker Task in the Task Scheduler

This article will show how to use the Design Checker Task in the Task Scheduler. You can find a full list of tasks performed by the Task Scheduler here: Automating Tasks After Hours – Hawk Ridge Systems Support

The Design Checker is an Add-In that is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium. It provides a way to automate the verification of certain design elements, such as dimension standards, fonts, materials, and sketches, to ensure that the SOLIDWORKS document meets particular pre-defined design criteria. The pre-defined design criteria are saved into a Standards File (*.swstd).
This article will walk through the steps for running an existing Standards File on multiple files using the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler. 

Design Checker Task Workflow 

1. Select the Design Checker Task from the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler
Design Checker Task.png
Steps 2 - 8 will reference the image below:

Setup Design Checker.png

2. Set up a custom Task Title if needed.

3. Add one or more Standards Files (*.swstd) for the Design Check. 

4. Add the file or folder that contains the documents that need to be updated. Either files or Folders can be specified. You cannot select both.

  • If adding individual files from different folders: use the button Add File > browse to the file's location > select the file > click "Open".

    • The file name will be populated in the File Name or Type column

  • If there are folders that all files within need to be updated: use the button Add Folder > browser to the folder's location > select the folder > click "Select Folder". You can then check on "Include sub-folders" to include files in sub-folders.

    • The file type will be populated in the File Name or Type column below. In this task part, assembly, and drawing file types can be selected.

5. Running mode can be set to Once, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. If the Start time and Start date are set in the past, before clicking "Finish", the task will start immediately.

6. The Task Output folder is where the Design Check Reports that are created will be saved.

  • Same as original file: This will save the converted files in the same folder location as the source files.

  • This Folder: This will allow you to specify a different folder for the converted files.

  • Add report to design binder: The report appears in the Design Binder folder in the file's FeatureManager design tree.

7. In the Advanced Options:

  • Set where the task working folder is. The task working files can include backup files, reports, and so on.
  • Set when the task would timeout, ending the task whether or not the task completes.
  • Run SOLIDWORKS in the background minimized or not.

8. After everything is set up for the requirements, click Finish to set the task in motion.

SOLIDWORKS will launch itself, perform the actions according to the task, and close itself when the scheduled time is reached.

For further assistance, please contact our HawkSupport team at 877-266-4469(US) or 866-587-6803(Canada) and

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