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How To Promote Derived Configurations to the Parent Level

This article will demonstrate how to promote derived configurations to a parent-level configuration. All parameters in the Derived configurations are linked to the parent configuration. Therefore, changing a parameter in the parent configuration will propagate to the derived configuration. You may want to change this if you do not want either configuration to depend on one another.

Derived and Parent configurations introduction

A simple way to complete this is to Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + P) the derived configuration to the parent level. Although effective, this can cause problems if you are using a design table. You can use the following steps to complete this process.

Promote Derived Configuration

  1. Activate the derived configuration by double-clicking it in the Configuration Manager.
                                  Configuration activated
  2. Right-click the top of the configuration tree and select "Add Configuration". Give the new configuration the desired name. It will need to be different from the selected configuration. This will duplicate the derived configuration, and place it on the parent level.
    Adding the new configuration
  3. Open the design table to confirm the correct changes have been made. You may need to add the derived configuration as another row to the table.
    Select to add another row
  4. Next, remove the original derived configuration.
    Deleting the old configuration

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