Installation Error Code 1719 - Windows Installer

Error 1719 indicates an error with the Windows Installer. The error usually reads as "Windows installer service could not be accessed. Contact your support personnel to verify that it is properly registered and enabled." A recent Microsoft Update, KB3139923 (published April 2016) can also be the cause of this error message. This article is designed to help troubleshoot this issue.

First, check to see if this issue is related to KB3139923:

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall a Program
  2. On the sidebar, click on View installed updates
  3. Search for KB3139923
    • If the update exists, search for KB 3072630. If the update is there, skip to the next section. If the update is not there, follow the next steps.
      1. Search for KB3139923 again
      2. Right-click on the update and uninstall
      3. Reboot your computer and retry the SOLIDWORKS installation
    • If the update is not there, skip to the next section to continue troubleshooting

Check to see if the Windows Installer is enabled:

  1. Go to the System Configuration Utility (Start > Run, then type MSCONFIG)
  2. Go to the Services Tab
  3. Navigate to Windows Installer and ensure it is enabled. If it is not, enable it, reboot and retest the installation

If this does not resolve the issue, make sure the Windows Installer service is set to manual/automatic

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools, and select Services
  2. Navigate to Windows Installer and check to make sure the startup type is set to either manual or automatic. If the service is not started, right-click and select start.
  3. Retest the installation

If the problem persists please try to register the Installer service:

  1. Open the Command Prompt (Start > Run, type CMD)
  2. Type in the following command: msiexec.exe /unregister
  3. Press enter, this will unregister the service.
  4. Now re-register the service using the following command: msiexec /regserver
  5. Retest the SOLIDWORKS installation

If none of these solutions work, please contact us and we will further troubleshoot the issue. If you can locate your installation logs and either send them to us or have them ready, it would be greatly appreciated. The default location for the installation logs is here: 

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Appdata\Roaming\SolidWorks\Installation Logs<version>

Insert your personal username in the <USERNAME> section and you may need to show hidden folders to view 'AppData'


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