SOLIDWORKS Electrical Content Portal Access

The SOLIDWORKS Electrical Content Portal gives access to additional symbol and manufacturer part libraries for SOLIDWORKS Electrical. This guide explains how to access the portal.

Accessing the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Content Portal

  1. Launch SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and click on Electrical Content Portal from the Help ribbon or click this link to take you to the Electrical Content Portal home page.
    *Note: A 3DExperience login is required for access.  Please refer to this article for setting one up.
  2. After logging in with your 3DExperience, it should take you to the Electrical Content Portal home page, which contains a list of the most downloaded manufacturers.

  3. You can also click into the Catalogs tab or use the search bar at the top to find more manufacturers or look for a specific component.


Downloading and Unarchiving Content

To download the content, click on one of the Download buttons to the right of the listing.  The download next to the wrench icon will download just the manufacture part, while the download next to the electrical symbol will download the entire package provided by the manufacture.

When selecting to download the entire package, you can see what's included based on the symbols under the description of the component.  Please refer to the table in the appendix below for a list of what each symbol represents.

To add the data to your library, click Unarchive environment from the Home ribbon from the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic interface and select the .tewzip file you wish to extract.


Accessing Gold Level Content

Gold level content is only available to users with an active subscription.  To access the Gold level content from the ECP, click on Update Subscription under the Help ribbon from the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic interface. 

Upon doing so, you should be prompted with a window to enter your 3DExperience login credentials.  After logging in, you should receive a confirmation prompt.



The symbols found throughout the Electrical Content Portal represents the type of data that is included within the package download.

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