Importing Connectors with Circuit Information in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

This article covers how to import connectors with circuit information into SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

Adding new connectors or parts to the Manufacturer Parts Manager Library in SOLIDWORKS Electrical can be very time consuming, as you need to manually number each circuit one by one. 

Fortunately, there is a tool that uses Excel to speed up this process, allowing you to enter all of the required data for your connector, including circuits and their associated circuit numbers.

You can download that tool from SOLIDWORKS website here: SOLIDWORKS Electrical Advanced Training Files

Once that is downloaded, you can use the included Excel sheet in Lesson05\Case Study as a template and enter in your connector information. In this example, we are importing one D38999 connector, but multiple parts can be imported using this tool.



The definition of the Reference here (the part number), links the circuits and terminals to a specific part. This allows for multiple parts to be imported at once.

Once your connector information is entered, save that xls file to Lesson05\Case Study\DataManager\Origin folder.

Run the EwDataManagerApp.exe in the Lesson05\Case Study\DataManager\bin folder


Set the origin folder to the Lesson05\Case Study\DataManager\Origin using the full path.

Set the destination folder to the Lesson05\Case Study\DataManager\Destination using the full path.

Click Execute, then click Quit.

Once this has been ran successfully, it will create a new sub folder called Success and the xls file will automatically be moved to this new location.


Launch SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and on the Library tab, open the Manufacturer Parts Manager. Click Unarchive and browse to the Lesson05\Case Study\DataManager\Destination folder. Highlight the .tewzip there and select Open.


Follow the prompts to open the archive and add your connector to the Manufacturer Parts Manager. Click Finish to complete the Unarchive.

You can open the Manufacturer Parts Manager and on the filter tab search for the part that you added, by Reference or Manufacturer, to verify the Unarchive was successful.


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