Properties Pull Down Menu Missing

Occasionally, when a new version of SOLIDWORKS is installed, users can find that their properties pull down menu is missing under File>Properties…. An example of this issue is seen in the image below.

This article illustrates how to bring back the Properties pull down menu.

Setting the Custom Properties File Location

The issue, where Properties pull down menu goes missing, is caused by an incorrect file location for the Properties.txt file, under the Custom Properties File location in the system options.

To resolve this problem follow the instructions below:

  2. Go to Tools>Options
  3. Under the System Options tab, select File Locations
  4. Set Show folders for: to Custom Property Files
    If a file location already exists, then select the file location and Delete to remove the incorrect folder location
  5. Select Add and browse to the location where the txt file exists. The Properties.txt file by default is located under

C:\ProgramData\SolidWorks\SOLIDWORKS <version>\lang\english

  1. Select OK

Now, as seen in the image below, the Properties pull down menu is available.

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