How to fix "The syntax of this equation is incorrect" and other VBA errors

Kevin Chow

A common problem after completing windows update is a broken VBA installation. VBA is required to properly run SOLIDWORKS and will impact the usage of equations and macros. Sometimes you will see this error when launching SOLIDWORKS "Failed to initialize Visual Basic for Apps, equations and macros will not work. Are you low on disc space"?


Other times you will see errors when opening parts and trying to edit equations with an error like this "The syntax of this equation is incorrect".

The VBA prerequisites can be found in <SOLIDWORKS installation files>\prereqs\VBA.  The 3 files required are the following:

  • vba71.msi
  • vba71-kb2783832-x64.msp
  • vba71_1033.msi (For English versions)

If you are not using the English version, you can run the appropriate file by hovering over the different files and selecting the correct version.

Re-install VBA

To uninstall and then re-install those files, follow the steps below:

  1. Right click the file named vba71.msi and select Uninstall.
  2. Right click on the file named vba71_1033.msi and then select uninstall.
  3. Once both are successfully uninstalled, reinstall them by double clicking on vba71.msi first, then vba71_1033.msi and then finally vba71-kb2783832-x64.msp.
  4. Launch SOLIDWORKS and confirm the error is resolved.

If you do cannot find those files, they are attached in the zip file below. Be sure to extract them first prior to completing the steps above.

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    dany moshe

    using win10 and SW2014 sp 0.0
    tried to install the VBA's installer but :( -> did nit fix it

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    Robert Williams

    The zip file seems to be corrupted.