Unable to Borrow a License

When borrowing a license through the SolidNetWork License Manager, a user may encounter an error saying “Could not borrow a license for SolidWorks…. License BORROW support not enabled (-68,147,0)”. This article discusses causes and troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem.


Activation-Enabled SNL

If the network license is activation enabled, reactivate the license through the SNL Manager on the server computer: click Modify on the Server Administration tab, select Activate/Reactivate, then follow the prompts. Also refer to SW KB article S-053355.


Activation-Exempt and Triad SNL

If the network license is activation-exempt or set up on a triad (a form of activation-exemption), the SNL Manager will be using a license file. Try re-reading the license file through the SNL Manager: click Reread on the Server Administration tab.

If the issue persists, view the SNL log: click View Log on the Server Administration tab. Look for a line like:

DENIED: "solidworks" user@client-pc  (License BORROW support not enabled. (-68,564:10054 ""))

This indicates that the current license file does not allow borrowing. As noted in SW KB article S-021000, the license file must contain the string “BORROW=720” for each product in the file to allow borrowing. You can check this by opening the license file in a text editor. It should be in <SNL install dir>\licenses\sw_d.lic. If the string is not present, contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support to have a new file generated.

WARNING: Do not try editing the file. This can cause the SNL Manager to stop functioning.

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