Utilizing a License File with the SNL Manager for SOLIDWORKS

The following guide will provide information on switching the SolidNetwork License(SNL) Manager to utilize a license file for a test environment or to load an activation exempt network license.

By default, the SNL Manager can only activate on one server at a time. However, if your IT department would like to setup a test environment for the newer version of SOLIDWORKS, a temporary license file can be acquired through support and be loaded into the SNL Manager on a new server. Technical support refers to these files as an "any file." The same instructions can be used to load an activation exempt license file if working with a completely offline server.

Use the following instructions to load in the received license file. 

1. Start your SolidNetWork License Manager (Start > SOLIDWORKS Tools, SolidNetWork License Manager)

2. On the Server Administration Tab, Click Options and click Use a License File and click OK.

3. Now click "Modify."


4. On the first page, choose Single and select Next.

5. The next page will ask for your computer name and a port number. We suggest using the default port unless it is currently in use. Turn on the option A firewall is in use on this server and change the drop down menu to Dongle ID and type in the word ANY. Hit Next.

6. On the last page, click Read and browse to the received license file and click OK. The activated products will be listed.

7. Click Finish.

You can now load and run the SOLIDWORKS client machines that have access to this server.


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