How to Use License Order to Change Default License Usage

Using a network serial number is a great way to allow multiple users to access SOLIDWORKS and its Add-ins without the need to purchase a separate serial number for each user. It is possible to control when an Add-in license is used by changing the license order in the SolidNetWork License Manager. 

To make a change to the license order you will need to open the SolidNetWork License Manager Client from Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS Tools 20XX > SolidNetWork License Manager Client 20XX. Once this is opened, navigate to the License Order tab where you will see the different licenses that are available to you. 

License Order Tab.png

If you will be using one of the Add-ins, you will want to move that license to the top of the list by selecting it and clicking "Move Up" until it is at the top.

Move Simulation Premium to Top of list.png

The final step is to turn the Add-in on in SOLIDWORKS (Tools > Add-ins). If you are using the Simulation Add-in as we have shown in this example, the license for Simulation Premium will now be pulled when the Simulation Add-in is enabled. You can leave the Add-in at the top of the License Order list, and disabling the Add-in within SOLIDWORKS will automatically return the license.

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