SOLIDWORKS Flat-Pattern Not Working in Drawing View

When the Flat-Pattern drawing view of a SOLIDWORKS sheet metal part displays the part in the bent configuration, this often indicates an issue with the suppression state of the Flat-Pattern feature in the part file. 

The picture below shows the Reference Configuration for the drawing view selected is 'DefaultSM-FLAT-PATTERN'. However, the part in the drawing view is clearly in the bent position. 


Every time a sheet metal part is created a derived configuration called 'DefaultSM-FLAT-PATTERN' is created within the Default configuration. If we take a look at this derived configuration in the part file the Flatten feature should be selected and the part should be in a flattened state. If the Flat-Pattern is not working in the drawing file, the likely cause is that the Flatten feature is not selected in the DefaultSM-FLAT-PATTERN configuration.


To fix this, we simply turn on this Flatten feature while in the derived configuration.

Now if we go back to the drawing file the drawing view for the Flat-Pattern is displayed correctly.


If the above steps do not correct the issue then the Flat-Pattern configuration must be re-made in order for the drawing file to properly create a flat-pattern view within the view pallets.

Creating a new FLAT-PATTERN configuration

1) Within the configuration tab of the feature manager tree right click the parts name and choose "Add Configuration." You can name this configuration whatever you choose since we can rename it in a later step.


2) Enable the new configuration and select the Flatten tool within the sheet metal tab. This will generate a new Flat-Pattern configuration for the part within this configuration.


3) Within the configuration tab of the feature manager tree delete the original default configuration by right clicking the configuration name and choosing delete. You can also re-name the newly created configuration to Default if you choose by modifying the properties of the configuration. 


4) Return to the drawing file of this sheet metal part and refresh the view pallet. The Flat-Pattern view will return to its flatten state.

If you continue to have difficulties generating a Flat-Pattern view within the drawing view pallets please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at 877.266.4469 for the U.S or 866.587.6803 for Canada for further troubleshooting and help.


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