How to Display Dimensions as Fractions in SOLIDWORKS

When using inches, mils, microinches, or feet & inches for units of length, dimensions can be set to show as fractions, instead of decimals. This can be done in two ways.

Setting the entire document to show dimensions as fractions:

  • Go to Tools > Options > Document Properties > Units
  • Choose any of the above units under Custom, or just choose IPS
  • Under Fractions, choose a number between 2 and 256 for the denominator
  • Under More, select Round to Nearest Fraction

Selecting Round to Nearest Fraction will ensure that all dimensions that have decimals will be converted to fractions. If the denominator is 4, for example, then 0.25 will be converted to 1/4, but 0.251 will remain a decimal if Round to Nearest Fraction is not checked.

Setting individual length dimensions to show as fractions:

  • Select the desired dimension in the graphics area
  • Select the “Other” tab in the dimension property manager
  • Check the box for Override Units
  • Select the desired Length Unit (inches, mils, microinches, or feet & inches)
  • Input a Denominator between 2 and 256
  • Check the box next to Round to nearest fraction



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