'Page Setup' Dialog For Printing is Not Displayed Correctly

This article discusses the issue and its solution surrounding the non-functional printing options such as Page Setup or Preview that can occur on SOLIDWORKS applications installed on Windows 10.


You can access 'Page Setup' at File > Print and have the 'Page Setup' dialog box displayed, as shown below, allowing you to set your page's scale and resolution and use system or document settings. 


If you are experiencing an issue where your 'Page Setup' dialog box does not show the 'Scale and Resolution' options for your print job, you may be experiencing an issue with Windows 10's Microsoft Print to PDF

Additional symptoms of this issue include the inability to select the ‘Preview’ or ‘Properties’ buttons or a ‘Page Setup’ dialog box with none of the options automatically selected when navigating to File > Page Setup directly. Please note that this issue appears to occur on SOLIDWORKS applications on Windows 10.


To resolve the issue, remove this printer by navigating to your Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers, right-clicking on ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ and selecting ‘Remove Printer'.

Your SOLIDWORKS print options should now allow you to see the correct ‘Page Setup’ display and functional ‘Preview’ and ‘Properties’ buttons within the Print dialogue.

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