Missing Thread Profiles

When using the Thread feature, some users experience the Type and Size of the thread not populating. This is usually caused by the SOLIDWORKS setting pointing to the incorrect Thread Profiles folder. This can occasionally happen after an upgrade to a new version.


You may receive an error when you first try to use the Thread Feature,



or you may just not see anything populated under the Specifications tab Type and Size drop down menus.




The first step is to check where SOLIDWORKS is looking for the thread profiles. Do this under Tools > Options > System Options  > File Locations, then use the drop down menu to locate "Thread Profiles"



Once you know where it is pointed, navigate to that location in Windows Explorer. By default it is C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS 20XX\Thread Profiles. Check to see that there is a Thread Profiles folder and that it is populated.



If there is no folder or the folder is empty, see if there might be another SOLIDWORKS version installed and if that folder and the files can be found in a different location. For example, the file path may be pointed at 2016, but the files may be in the 2017 file location. If you locate the files, simply change the file path in the SOLIDWORKS file location options. 



If the files are not there, a repair of SOLIDWORKS should replace them, or you can contact our Technical Support Team and we can further assist you by providing you the missing files. Feel free to contact us with any further questions as well.

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