Parallels: Hardware Acceleration for SOLIDWORKS on a Mac


This guide is written for SOLIDWORKS users who are emulating Windows on a Mac computer (OSX) using the 3rd party application called Parallels. With this fix, Parallels users will be able to utilize their video card's physical hardware and graphical/3D acceleration rather than using software acceleration in SOLIDWORKS, which is supported by OpenGL.




It is important to note that this fix was not developed or tested by Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS. We highly recommend creating a backup of your Windows registry before implementing this fix. If you encounter any errors or issues after applying the 'Enable' key for your year version of SOLIDWORKS, we'd recommend immediately implementing the 'Disable' key to revert changes. If that fails, then we recommend importing your registry backup.

The developers at Parallels have created a few registry keys that tweak the Windows registry in Parallels, allowing Windows to recognize your video card and utilize its hardware acceleration. Each year's version of SOLIDWORKS has a unique registry key to use for this fix. There is a corresponding 'Disable' registry key that can be utilized to revert the Windows registry entries changed by their 'Enable' registry key back to their defaults. We'd recommend downloading both the 'Enable' and 'Disable' registry keys for your year version of SOLIDWORKS and storing them in a safe place for use.

To apply the 'Enable' or 'Disable' registry key to your system, just double click the appropriate key once you've downloaded it. You will be prompted with a warning message that states altering the Windows registry can cause permanent damage to your operating system. Press 'OK,' and the key will apply and display a confirmation message.



Please refer to the Parallels Knowledge Base website article 122790 for their details and instructions on this fix. You can also follow this link:

The registry patches for the 2017 version of SOLIDWORKS are attached to this guide as well.




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