[Visualize] How to Group Parts together in Visualize

When a model is imported in Visualize, Visualize will place it into your model tree and, depending on the Import Settings you chose during importation, will automatically create groupings of your parts. Grouping of the parts helps with transforming, reassigning appearance, and controlling the visibility components together. The model tree starts with the model with its file name. Expanding the model will show group(s), and inside of groups are parts.

Visualize model tree structure and color meanings.png

If the automatic groupings did not group the parts as desired, you can manually rearrange, add, and dissolve the groups. I will be demonstrating the grouping and ungrouping functionality through SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2024 sample project, the game controller.

Grouping Workflow Demonstration

  1. In the Model tab, select the parts/groups that you want to group together with Ctrl + Left Click or Shift + Left Click to do multiple selections.
  2. After multiple items have been selected the option "Add to New Group" appears in the General subtab. You can also access "Add to New Group" by right-clicking on one of the selected items > Edit. add to new group button is now available to be selected.png
  3. Click the "Add to New Group" button to create a new group.

    Note: The first item you select with you mouse will be the base for the new group, and the new group will be created at where that item is. For example, selecting parts would result in a new group with similar name to the first part. On the other hand, selecting two groups would result in the first group becoming the parent group, and the rest will be added to it.grouping example with parts selected.png
  4. After the grouping, we can see that selecting the new group highlights the items that are nested under.group being selected now highlight the parts that are nested under.png
  5. If you want to ungroup existing groups, right-click on the group > Edit > Ungroup Part(s).ungroup parts option when right-clicking on a group.png
  6. Ungrouping would leave an empty group behind. You can delete it by selecting it and hit the delete key if it's not needed.empty group after ungrouping.png
    Note: You can ungroup any groups, as long as they are not directly nested under the model. When you want to get rid of a group directly nested under the model, drag and drop its children to right below the model and delete the group.
  7. Once a group has been created, you can also add parts to that group by either clicking and dragging the items into the group in the model tree, or by right-clicking the part > Edit > “Move Part(s) to Group” and choosing the group you’d like to move the part to. move parts to group.png

If you need to put two models together, you cannot add them into a new group. Models need to be merged together: [Visualize] Merging Models together – Hawk Ridge Systems Support 

For further technical support, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at 877.266.4469 for the U.S. or 866.587.6803 for Canada and support@hawkridgesys.com.

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