[Visualize] Merging Models together

This article will cover how to merge two models in a project into one model entry in the Model Tree. This will allow you to move multiple models as one unit with a single click, manipulating different models as if they were sub-components of an assembly.

Below, we have an extremely simple project with only two models:


Currently the two individual models can only be selected individually. They can both be selected by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard and clicking each model, but in more complicated models with dozens of components, this can become extremely tedious. To solve this, we can merge the two models together. Doing this should merge both models’ center points and automatically center the model around the world origin. The resulting model becomes one entry in the model tree and can be manipulated with a single click with the model selection tool. All previous individual models will be considered parts and can be manipulated individually with the part selection tool.


To merge two models in Visualize, simply select both models in the Model Tree and click on “Merge Models”:


This will transform the model tree, placing both (in the example above) Box 1 and Sphere 1 into a folder called “Merged Model”. Both Box 1 and Sphere 1 can then be selected simultaneously by simply using the Model Selection Tool to click either the sphere or box in the viewport or by selecting “Merged Model” in the Model Tree. Below, we can see the resulting model:


As expected, the Box and Sphere’s center points were merged, the resulting model was centered at the world origin (as evidenced by the triad) and both models were merged into a new model entry named “Merged Model”.

By doing this, you can manipulate the entire “assembly” with one click, where each individual model becomes a “part” of the merged model.

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