Ping and Telnet Tests

This article shows how to perform the basic communication tests between client and server. In both tests, we will be working with the Windows Command Prompt. To get to the Command Prompt, click the Windows Start Menu and type cmd in the Search bar.


Ping Test

The first network test for troubleshooting client/server connection is a Ping test. Here we want to make sure we get an uninterrupted reply, as well as have the expected IP address report back. The syntax for this test is ping [server name/IP address] and press Enter.

Ex.  ping PDMServer


Continuous Ping

If you want to run a continuous ping, add -t to the end of the statement.  Then, use Ctrl + C to end the continuous ping.

EX: ping PDMServer -t



Saving Ping Test Results to Text File

For troubleshooting purposes, it may be necessary to record the results of the ping test.  To save the results to a text file, add >[file_path\file_name.txt] at the end of the syntax.

Ex. ping PDMServer -t >C:\temp\pingtest.txt

The above syntax will run a continuous ping test and save the results to a text file named pingtest.txt in the C:\temp directory.  Remember to press Ctrl + C to stop it.



Telnet Test

Now that we have communication through the ping test we can test connection over specific firewall ports. This is done with a Telnet test. If you get a message that telnet is not enabled, this can be enabled by clicking in the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features (or Uninstall a Program) > Turn Windows Features On or Off and checking the box next to Telnet Client in the Windows Features list.  The Windows Features list can also be found by searching for it.



The syntax for this test is telnet [server name/IP address] [port number]

Ex.  telnet PDMServer 3030


If the screen blanks out after hitting Enter, this port is open.  Close and reopen the Command Prompt to try another test.  If you get an error, the firewall port is likely blocked.


Q. Which ports do I need to test?

A. This will depend on which SolidWorks Product you are using. Here's a quick list for some of the SolidWorks and related products port numbers:

SolidNetWork License Manager: 25734, 25735

SolidWorks PDM Archive Server: 3030

SolidWorks PDM Database Server and/or SolidWorks Electrical: 1433, 1434 (if SQL is running as a named instance)

SolidWorks PDM Web Server: 80 (without SSL), 443 (with SSL)

SolidWorks Electrical Collaborative Server: 26666+n where n is the number of consecutive users.

CAMWORKS License Manager: 27000


For further instructions on PDM and SWE firewall troubleshooting, please see the articles below:


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