Bypassing eDrawings Registration Window for SOLIDWORKS Customers

For non-SOLIDWORKS customers or users who install via the free installer from the eDrawings Viewer website:, a registration is required. For these users, a one-time registration is required.

If you are a SOLIDWORKS customer, it is not necessary to follow the registration process. However, eDrawings must be installed via the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager. You will not need to enter a serial, however the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager from the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal must be used.


To install eDrawings using the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager, follow these steps:

  1. On a machine without a SOLIDWORKS installation, run the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager and click on the ‘Individual’ installation option.
  2. Clear the check box for the ‘SOLIDWORKS [version]’ or ‘SolidNetWork’ license options > click ‘Next’.
  3. An Installation Manager message will appear stating ‘You have not entered a serial number. You will be limited to products which do not require serial number to install’.
  4. Click ‘OK’ to proceed.
  5. In the products page, click ‘CHANGE’.
  6. Clear the checkbox for products except for the eDrawings product.
  7. Go back to the ‘Summary’ page.
  8. Accept the SOLIDWORKS terms > ‘Install Now’. The eDrawings installation will begin.
  9. Click the ‘Finish’ button.
  10. When you first run the eDrawings application, the software asks you to accept the license agreement. Click ‘Accept’.

The eDrawings application will start normally without a registration prompt.

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