Downgrade eDrawings to operate as free eDrawings instead of Pro

This article walks through the steps needed to remove the "Unable to check out a SolidNetwork License (SNL) as configured for your system" error that can appear when launching the eDrawings application. The same steps can be used to disable eDrawings from stealing a SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium license from the SNL Manager and force it to launch as the free version.

As indicated in the illustration above, this specific error will not prevent eDrawings from launching.

The behavior can occur when a Dassault Systèmes product was installed with a network license serial number. This potentially causes eDrawings to check the network for a license server hosting an eDrawings Professional license, which is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium.

This network error can be prevented by following the steps listed below.

  1. Launch your installation of eDrawings.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Options.
  3. In the "Options" window, open the "General tab.
  4. Find and select the option to "Disable SOLIDWORKS Network License". The location of this option is shown above.
  5. Save this change by clicking "OK". Once you have done so, restart eDrawings and confirm that the error no longer appears.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, or if you have any further questions that we can assist you with, please feel free to contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support at:

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