Review and Measure eDrawings Enabled Files

eDrawings allows users who do not want to use a SOLIDWORKS license to review and measure SOLIDWORKS or eDrawing files. This article provides instructions on how to enable the ability to measure eDrawings and SOLIDWORKS files for eDrawings Viewer and Professional.

eDrawings free viewer is available for all users, while eDrawings Professional is free only with SOLIDWORKS Premium. In order to enable the ability to measure eDrawings files, do the following: 

  • In eDrawings, in the Save As dialog box, select Enable measure.  
  • Okay to measure this eDrawings file must be enabled during the export of the eDrawings file from SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium. In SOLIDWORKS Standard, you must have eDrawings Professional to configure this option.

These measure-enabled files allow non-SOLIDWORKS users to view and retrieve the dimensions of a model without using a SOLIDWORKS license. If users want to protect the details of their model and only allow users to review the model, then the above options can be disabled. 

To review and measure SOLIDWORKS files, the following must be met:

  • In SOLIDWORKS, in the Save As dialog box, click Options and select Okay to measure this eDrawings file.
  • For eDrawings Viewer: the SOLIDWORKS file must be saved in SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium versions.

Also, eDrawings Professional can review DXF, DWG, and 3D XML files. 




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