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eDrawings Free and Professional Installation and Licensing Information

eDrawings is available as a free viewer for everyone to download for viewing and interacting with 3D models. For the Desktop version, eDrawings Professional is purchasable with additional features such as Virtual Reality and saving files as WebHTML. You can find the full product matrix here: Compare eDrawings | eDrawings Viewer

In this article, two ways of installing eDrawings will be shown. Some additional steps will be added for the professional version.

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If You Have an eDrawings Professional Standalone Purchase

Unlike serial numbers, you would receive for SOLIDWORKS, Simulation, Visualize, and other products, a purchase of an eDrawings Professional standalone license would give you a license number. This license number does not directly allow you to access eDrawings Professional. Please contact your reseller for the license key/authorization code that will be generated to activate the professional version.

Installing through the Free Downloads Page

You can find the eDrawings product here: Free Downloads | SOLIDWORKS. This page does not require any login or subscription, but you are limited to what version and service pack you can download. There is typically only the newest year version/service pack available.

  1. Go to the website, click on the "[All] SOLIDWORKS Products" dropdown menu, and change it to eDrawings.eDrawings product filter - eDrawings is highlighted.png
  2. Click on the blue downward error on the leftmost column and accept the agreement to start the download for eDrawings.eDrawings download button highlighted.png
  3. Launch the exe that has been downloaded to start the eDrawings installation. Click Next to get to the next page.eDrawings installation welcome page.png
  4. ***For eDrawings Professional Standalone users: Enter the license key/authorization code you obtained from your reseller and click Next. eDrawings license page for entering professional license key or network license server.png
  5. The next page may let you know that you have a previous version of eDrawings, and it will be upgraded if you continue the installation. Click next to confirm and start the installation with the Install button. eDrawings installation install button.png
  6. Your eDrawings is now ready to be used.

Installing through the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

The SOLIDWORKS installation managers are accessible to clients who have purchased SOLIDWORKS products, who are on subscription, and who have a proper account through this page: Downloads | Support | SOLIDWORKS. The main differences between this method and the previous one are that it does not require a registration form to be filled out and you can have older year versions of eDrawings when you download the corresponding Installation Manager.

  1. Follow the steps described in the following article: Bypassing drawings Registration Window for SOLIDWORKS Customers – Hawk Ridge Systems Support
  2. ***For eDrawings Professional Standalone users: Once eDrawings is launched, go to Help > eDrawings Professional and input your license key/authorization code here:eDrawings Help, eDrawings Professional and license key box.png
  3. eDrawings Professional features should now be enabled.

For further assistance, please contact our HawkSupport team at 877-266-4469(US) or 866-587-6803(Canada) and

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