Activation failure with Computer ID changing

This article discusses how to maintain a static MAC ID to prevent potential License Activation errors due to the computer ID or MAC ID changing.


The Windows 10 operating system has a feature called "Random Hardware Addresses" in the Wi-Fi Settings menu which, when enabled, causes Windows 10 to cycle through temporary MAC addresses that identify the computer on WIFI networks. When the MAC ID changes, it can cause a license activation failure or for the current activation to suddenly stop working.

To modify this setting, please open your Windows 10 settings, and network and internet settings, then for each WiFi or wireless VPN adapter, turn this feature off.

 Here is a picture of the setting for a reference.


This should restore the ability to maintain a constant MAC ID. You will need to begin the activation or license request process "after" you have turned off this feature, and rebooted once.




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