How to Use the Update Simulation Task in the Task Scheduler

This is an article showing how to use the Updates Files task in the Task Scheduler. You can find a full list of tasks performed by the Task Scheduler here:
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The Update Simulation Task will open, mesh and/or run the Simulation studies, and save all targeted files. This is useful if changes were made to a model or Simulation study since the last Simulation run, or to run the Simulation studies when the computer isn't normally being used. This can target individual files or whole folders.

Note that this task only works with SOLIDWORKS Simulation and not for Flow Simulation or Plastics.  Flow Simulation does not have the ability to schedule a study.  Please submit an enhancement request if this is something you are interested in.  For Plastics, use the Batch Manager.

Update Simulation Task Workflow

Here are the steps listed according to the following graphic:

  1. Open up the Update Simulation task in the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler.
  2. Set a custom Task Title if needed.
  3. Add the file or folder that contains the Simulation studies that need to be updated. Only either File or Folder can be selected for the task.
    • If adding individual files from different folders: use the button Add File > browse to the file's location > select the file > click "Open".
    • If there are folders that all files within need to be updated: use the button Add Folder > browse to the folder's location > select the folder > click "Select Folder". You can then check on "Include subfolders" to include files in subfolders.
  4. Select the studies to mesh and/or run if there are multiple studies in the model.
  5. Running mode can be set to Once, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. If the Start time and Start date are set in the past before clicking "Finish", the task will start immediately.
  6. In the Advanced option:
    • Set where the task working folder is. The task working files can include backup files, reports, and so on. 
    • Set when the task would timeout, ending the task whether or not the task completes.
    • Run SOLIDWORKS in the background minimized or not.
  7. After everything is set up for the requirements, click Finish to set the task in motion.

SOLIDWORKS will launch itself, perform the actions according to the task, and close itself when the scheduled time is reached.

For further assistance, please contact our HawkSupport team at 877-266-4469(US) or 866-587-6803(Canada) and

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