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How to Change Simulation Results Location

This article describes the steps to change the simulation results location on an existing study. Our article Simulation Default Results Folder Location describes how to change the default result location. This can resolve errors caused by results location. An improper results location can cause the study to fail or prevent the study from starting. 



Changing the results location can assist in these ways.

  • Error messages such as "Simulation Failed to Create Temporary File"

    Insufficient rights to the solution location can cause the simulation to fail or prevent the study from starting altogether. Cloud back-up services such as Onedrive may also cause the solver to fail. When troubleshooting problems with the results locations, Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support recommends creating a temporary folder on the C drive.

  • Files stored in PDM

    Organizations that use PDM will need to ensure the entire results location is checked out to run the simulation, otherwise the solver will attempt to edit read only simulation files, causing the study to fail without any error. If you do not want to store all simulation files in the vault, or are experiencing failures when running the study, change the results location to a folder outside of the vault, then check in the results file after the study is complete.

  • Files stored on a network server

    Saving files to a network server is never recommended and can cause poor performance, crashing, and file damage. Solving a study with the results saving to a network location can dramatically increase the time to solve the study and cause more frequent study failures. It is imperative that the study results are saved to a local drive. 

Changing the Results Location

Use this section to describe the solution using default numbered lists to describe a specific order of steps. 

  1. Right-click top level study
  2. Open Study Properties


  3. Deselect the option "Save results to SOLIDWORKS document folder"


  4. Click the Folder to browse to the desired location


  5. If you need to share the results files across your organization, only the .CWR file will need to be included with the SOLIDWORKS files. 

For further technical support, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at 877.266.4469 for the U.S. or 866.587.6803 for Canada and


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