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Show all Assembly Components in SOLIDWORKS

When working in assemblies, you may notice that many of your components are hidden. Depending on the assembly structure, locating all of the hidden components within each subassembly can sometimes be a nightmare.

Assembly with hidden components

There are other methods, such as using "Shift + Tab" to unhide components in the graphics area, but without going through the entire feature tree, you cannot ensure that all components are unhidden.

To fix this, you can use the "Show with Dependents" tool by right-clicking on the desired assembly or subassembly and selecting it in the menu.

Show with dependents menu

Once completed, your assembly or subassembly will show all of the components listed. 
Assembly with all components shown

If you only need to unsuppress certain components, but not all, you can also use the "Display Pane" to easily reference hidden components.

Display pane example

For more information about controlling the display of assemblies, please review our YouTube video below.
SOLIDWORKS Assembly Tips: Hide/Show Components

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